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NYSG Publications can be searched via our "Search" box at the top of every page on our site.

If you're looking for a particular publication that is not featured on any of these select lists (or if a downloadable version is not available from the lists), please do one or more of the following:

(a) Fill out our publications request form

(b) Contact NYSG's Office of Communications at (631) 632-6905 or E-mail requests to Sharon O'Donovan

(c) Sign up for E-lerts related to our flagship print and e-publication, New York Coastlines (click here), as well as our e-supplement Currents (click here), both of which are distributed 3-4 times a year. You can also download copies of issues for both - online versions of issues of NY Coastlines and Currents date back to, respectively inter 2008/2009 and late-Summer 2012.

(d) Search for and download NYSG publications via the National Sea Grant Library archives.

We also have some general topic publications that serve as an overview for our program. These include:

  • What is NYSG (click here)

  • Staff Directory / Specialists (click here)

  • Success Stories (click here)

  • Strategic Plan (click here)

  • Posters:

    • Great Lakes ecosystem (click here)

    • Long Island Bays ecosystem (click here)

    • Brown Tide in Long Island Bays: An Ecosystem View (pdf) (2 pages)

    • Lobster Life Cycle & Habitat (pdf) (2 pages)

  • Postcards:

    "Get Social with Sea Grant"

    "NYSG's E-List"

    • Summer beach scene (pdf)

    • Fall Fishing scene (pdf)

    Seafood Throwdown - Local Resources (pdf)

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