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You can search our NYSG projects portfolio. You will find this search facility to be a user friendly and powerful tool to find information about our funded research projects from 1990 to present. Through this tool you will soon learn that NYSG research is diverse in topics and geography and has a distinguished history in helping New York use and manage our coastal resources for the benefit of all New Yorkers and beyond. This is a living database that will grow and evolve as we add new projects and update the impacts of older projects. We invite you to explore our legacy of bringing science to the shore. If you have any questions or comments regarding this tool please do not hesitate to contact us.

Also, see our related instructional fact sheet, "Online Searchable Database: Making New York Sea Grant research accessible in new media" (pdf)

Current and Recent Studies

  • Currently-funded projects (2016-18) (pdf)

  • Recently-funded projects (2013-16) (pdf)

News and Files

You can also access information for some of our current and past research projects via the links to these news items and downloadable pdfs:

2019 - Present New York's Marine and Coastal District Small Grant Program Projects

2015 - Present New York’s Great Lakes Basin Small Grants Program Projects

2021 $1.4 Million Awarded for Sea Grant Research on NY’s Coastal Environment, Economies and Communities

2019 Over $1.5 Million Funds Four Long Island Sound Research Projects

2019 NYSG and DEC Announce Nearly $570,000 in New York Ocean Research Grants

2018 Over $1.1M for New York Sea Grant Research in 2018-2019

2017 Sea Grant Awards Over $676K to a Total of Three Long Island Sound Study Research Grants

2016 NOAA and Sea Grant Fund $800K in Ocean Acidification Research

2015 Sea Grant Awards $843,424 Awarded for Long Island Sound Research

2014 NYSG has receive nearly $2.4M for coastal research and outreach efforts on important coastal issues in storm hazards, climate change, fisheries health, hypoxia, harmful algal blooms

2012 - 2013 NYSG has received nearly $2.4 Million in 2012-2013 to find research, extension and education issues on important coastal issues related to storm surges and flooding, seafood safety, wetland habitats, fisheries, and harmful algal blooms, among others.

2011 NYSG received a grant totaling $2.449 million to fund its research, extension and education efforts on important coastal issues in fisheries, coastal marine habitats, coastal flooding, among others.

2011 Sea Grant Awards More than $1.28 Million for Research Under EPA’s Long Island Sound Study

2009-2010 (pdf) NYSG funds research on water quality, brown tide, habitat restoration, QPX disease in clams, aquatic invaders, VHS virus in Great Lakes fisheries, seafood safety and more.

2009 Sea Grant Awards $820,000 for Research Under EPA’s Long Island Sound Study

2007 - 2008 NYSG funds research vital to shoreline protection, fisheries, aquatic invaders and sustainable tourism.

2006 (pdf) NYSG funds research on QPX disease in clams, Cyanobacteria Blooms in the Great Lakes, water quality in Jamaica Bay, wave modeling in NY's Metropolitan Region and more.

2004-2005 NYSG funds research on coastal flooding and sea level rise, investigate botulism in Great Lakes.

2002-2003 NYSG funds research on managing and evaluating vitality of fisheries, tracking ecosystem health and public safety, hard clams and oysters, and environmental analysis and response.

1999-2002 (pdf) NYSG funds research on aquatic invaders, brown tide, fisheries, hard clams, lobsters, seafood safety, water quality and more.

1998-1999 (pdf) NYSG funds research on aquatic invaders, fisheries and seafood safety.

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